Fill out and submit the form below if your IHO has not received an email from us.


In most cases you will have received an email from the PCNA. This email is an invitation to hire.  If you did not receive an email, please contact us and we can determine your qualifications as an IHO.   

  • Do not hire until you have received approval from the PCNA.
  • Once you receive the approval you can start the hiring process by advertising fairly and openly for the position.  (See criteria and interview questions below).   We will have sent you a link to a contract at this time.
  • The day you hire your qualified candidate submit the contract immediately.  Please ensure that the youth email address is correct so that the PIF can be sent.   The PIF must be filled out in the first few days of hiring.   The PIF is an ISED document so must be submitted.  The questions below are from the PIF so you can ensure that there will be no eligibility issues.
  • Join our Facebook group.  The information will be included in a welcome letter both the supervisor and intern receive.
  • That's it!   We will inform you of monthly reporting requirements once we know.   

Hiring former interns:  YES (Youth Initiative Strategy) provides a limit to the hours and wages that any one youth is eligible for, no matter the province or year.    So the quick answer is NO to hiring former interns.

In 2016-2017 there is only one stream, Career Focus.           See the critieria -->

Below are questions from the PIF (Personal Information File) that is submitted to ISED during your interview.  This will help you ensure your candidate is qualified under the Career Focus Stream.

Interview Questions:

Name of Educational Institution Last Attended

Field of Study

Date of Birth

Highest Level of Education completed 

  • Grade 8 or less
  • Between 9-12
  • Grade 12 completed
  • Some post-secondary (but not university)
  • University incomplete
  • University Bachelor's Degree complete
  • Masters or PHD incomplete
  • Masters or PHD complete

In my opinion, this position is related to my field of study

I was a full time student during the preceding year

I intend to return to school full-time in the upcoming academic year

Will you have any other full-time jobs (30 hours or more a week) 

Are you currently in receipt of EI

Do you meet the eligibility criteria

Career Focus (CF) Stream

The objectives of the CF stream are to increase the supply of qualified people; to facilitate the transition of young people to a rapidly changing labour market; to promote the benefits of advanced studies; and to demonstrate federal leadership by investing in the skills required to meet the needs of the knowledge economy.

To participate in the YI program under the CF stream, eligible participants must:

• be between the ages of 15 and 30 at the time of intake

• have demonstrated skills achievement at the post-secondary level—this means that the participant must have more than secondary school achievement. If the participant entered university or college as a mature student and is pursuing a course of study at the postsecondary level, they would qualify

• intend to gain ICT skills and knowledge

• meet the job requirements of the IHO, which should include stated ICT-related activities

• be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or person who has been granted refugee status in Canada and be legally entitled to work in Canada

•must not be in receipt of Employment Insurance (EI) benefits while participating in a CF project