Final reimbursement for March hours will not be reimbursed until all of the following documents are complete and sent to us.   We will need time to review each document for errors and omissions and may need to ask you to resubmit so please be careful when filling the documents out. 

  • Youth and Supervisor Report (new)
    If youth are finishing their internship before the 2016-2017 reports are ready, we will, and ISED will accept the 2015-2016 final report including PART "c" of the PIF.

  • IHO Final Report (new)
  • Final Invoice
  • Final Success Story

We appreciate your patience.   

For youth, please take note that submitting your reports including the final success story impacts the final payment to your IHO (site).

For supervisors, we will share with you the two NEW reports listed above, but if your intern finishes early, let Ariana know (pc@pcna.ca) and we will send you a link to the 2015-2016 reports.   You can all fill out the "Part C" of the PIF now.  

Fill out the PIF Part C below or click this link  

IMPORTANT:   You only fill out the left side of the PART C PIF if your intern left early (Question is Date of early termination).  The right side is for a completed internship which the majority of your will fill out (Question is: Completion Date) . Do not fill out both sides.

Use the scroll bars to see all of the document below:  (the link above may be easier to use)