YI interns are normally limited to one internship under Career Focus, which consists of a minimum of 420 hours and up to a maximum of 20,000 including all associated costs (MERCS).  In exceptional circumstances, an intern may be retained once for a repeat work experience, undertaking more advanced-level work.  Such an arrangement must be approved by the Minister, in writing, prior to the commencement of a second internship.

If your former intern was under the old SWE (Summer Work Experience) stream, and they received some post-secondary education since working for you, we can re-hire without special permission under the CF stream.

Should an IHO choose to hire a YI for a second work term prior to receiving approval from the Minister, the IHO will assume full responsibility for all salary and other related costs.

Let us know if you want to hire a second or third intern.






Eligible Internship Host Organizations (IHO), are organizations with legal status in Canada that have the capacity to offer internships including training and support.

 Eligible IHOs must be asked to demonstrate how they:

  • have the appropriate administrative support and capacity to train, orient and mentor the participants to enhance and maximize the participants' experience;
  • will support the participants in the development and implementation of work activities to provide participants with a meaningful internship as laid out in the key performance indicators.

Successful past participation will be a factor.

       Key performance indicators include:

  • Number of youth employed by program recipients;
  • Percentage of participants indicating that their internship contributed to their skills and knowledge in Information and Communications Technology (ICT)-related fields; and
  • Percentage of participants indicating that their internship led to a successful transition to the workplace.


  • The eligible activities by IHO  will be activities that allow YI to acquire the digital skills needed to support a successful transition into the labour market including:
  • providing training, orientation and mentoring to participants to enhance and maximize the participants' experience; and
  • supporting the participants in the development and implementation of work activities to provide participants with meaningful work experience.

ELIGIBLE YI ACTIVITIES:   Eligible activities performed by Youth Interns meeting the eligibility requirements defined here can include but are not limited to:

  • software and video game development
  • coding and app development
  • network troubleshooting
  • adaptive technologies
  • website development
  • web-enabled learning
  • social media campaigns and other content development

Some of the above activities will be developed and lead by our Provincial Coordinator (team based coding modules etc).   Some of the YI time must be made available for these projects.


Career Focus (CF) Stream

The objectives of the CF stream are to increase the supply of qualified people; to facilitate the transition of young people to a rapidly changing labour market; to promote the benefits of advanced studies; and to demonstrate federal leadership by investing in the skills required to meet the needs of the knowledge economy.

To participate in the YI program under the CF stream, eligible participants must:

• be between the ages of 15 and 30 at the time of intake

• have demonstrated skills achievement at the post-secondary level—this means that the participant must have more than secondary school achievement. If the participant is a high school dropout who has taken an equivalency course or courses, they would not qualify. If the participant entered university or college as a mature student and is pursuing a course of study at the post secondary level, they would qualify;

• intend to gain ICT skills and knowledge

• meet the job requirements of the IHO, which should include stated ICT-related activities

• be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or person who has been granted refugee status in Canada and be legally entitled to work in Canada

•must not be in receipt of Employment Insurance (EI) benefits while participating in a CF project